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We believe every participant has a voice.

You Said It is a certified Vevox Partner.

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Town Hall Meetings

Virtual face to face

Make employees part of your discussions even if they work remotely.

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Studying Together

Engage students

Give every student a voice. Make virtual class unmissable with live polling and Q&A.

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Test knowledge

Engage them in a fun way to retain knowledge.

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We operate at the junction where people meet in groups be it virtually, online or in person. We pride ourselves in facilitating two-way conversations with interactive technology.

With over 15 years of experience in the meeting technology industry we have seen the full cycle from fully produced events with installed voting hardware right through to virtual meetings facilitated by mobile.


The tech has changed but the message and reason for using it has always stayed the same.

Our reason for being is to make sure no interaction at any meeting is boring or one-sided. Participants in group discussion should feel confident to participate and share in the wisdom of crowds. 


Through our involvement, we commit to mentoring, shared ownership of your event, and measurable meeting outcomes.

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